When Tim Adams is elected on November 8, 2022, to serve as Maryland’s 34th Comptroller, he will make history on many fronts. Tim will serve as Maryland’s first Black Comptroller and, pending the outcome of Maryland’s gubernatorial election, could be the first independently-elected Black member of Maryland’s Board of Public Works. He will also be the first paraplegic elected to statewide office in our state’s history.
Tim's journey – from the poverty, violence and segregation of rural Louisiana, to his standing today as one of America’s most successful and influential minority business owners and the first Black mayor of Bowie – embodies the very best possibilities of our country and state. His success in the face of deep tragedy, and his ability to channel personal loss into meaningful social activism, is a testament to his strength and sense of purpose.




March 30, 2021

Press Release: Bowie Mayor Tim Adams Announces Candidacy For Comptroller Of Maryland

Pledging to serve taxpayers and small businesses across the state as an agent of fiscal responsibility, economic justice and social change, Bowie Mayor and acclaimed technology entrepreneur Tim Adams today declared his candidacy to become the 34th Comptroller of Maryland.

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