Fiscal Accountability

As the mayor of a thriving city, and as one of America’s most successful minority business owners, Tim recognizes that our state will not be able to sustain its commitment to the priorities we share – from better schools and revitalized communities, to safer neighborhoods and leadership in the fight against climate change – if we do not manage our taxpayer dollars wisely.  As Tim himself recently said, “There is nothing progressive about excessive and inappropriate spending. It puts a greater burden on those who are most vulnerable and destroys public trust in our government.”

Throughout his career, Tim has proven that he can deliver fiscal responsibility for the sake of social responsibility, and he will bring that record and experience to the Maryland Comptroller’s Office. 

  • Tim believes that we cannot justify higher taxes on Maryland’s law-abiding families and small businesses while others avoid paying their fair share. That is why, as Maryland’s chief tax collector, Tim will utilize highly-skilled personnel, combined with the most current technology and best practices in data analytics, to crack down on tax cheats and recapture money that is rightfully owed to the State of Maryland.

  • Tim knows that true bid competition is the only way to ensure that taxpayers are getting the best possible services at the lowest possible prices. That is why, as a member of the three-member Board of Public Works that approves most government contracts above $200,000, Tim will demand a significant reduction in the number of single-bid, sole source and retroactive contracts that are brought to the Board for approval.

  • As someone with personal and firsthand experience with the government procurement process, Tim will work successfully to end those practices that essentially provide the biggest, most politically-connected companies with “contracts for life.”

  • Tim appreciates the importance of a fully-funded pension system to the financial security of Maryland’s active and retired public employees. As the next Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems (SRPS), Tim will call for an exhaustive review of our state’s recent returns on investment, as well as our current investment strategies, to ensure that we are well-positioned for both long-term growth and stability.

  • Tim understands the risk that unsustainable debt would pose to our state’s economic and social well-being. As a member of Maryland’s Capital Debt Affordability Committee (CDAC), Tim will draw a hard line against policies that would jeopardize Maryland’s coveted AAA bond rating and impose an added tax burden on Marylanders.

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