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When Tim Adams is elected on November 8, 2022, to serve as Maryland’s 34th Comptroller, he will make history on many fronts.  Tim will serve as Maryland’s first Black Comptroller and, pending the outcome of Maryland’s gubernatorial election, could be the first independently-elected Black member of Maryland’s Board of Public Works.  He

will also be the first paraplegic elected to statewide office in our state’s history. 

Tim Adams’ journey – from the poverty, violence and segregation of rural Louisiana, to his standing today as one of America’s most successful and influential minority business owners and the first Black mayor of Bowie – embodies the very best possibilities of our country and state.  His success in the face of deep tragedy, and his ability to channel personal loss into meaningful social activism, is a testament to his strength and sense of purpose.  These experiences will inform his approach to his work as Maryland’s Chief Fiscal Officer in a time of unprecedented change.

  • As the past Chairman of the Bowie State University Foundation and as a strong national advocate for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Tim will advocate for budgetary priorities that provide Maryland’s HBCUs the resources they need to prepare graduates for success in the Information Age, and to power Maryland’s economy through groundbreaking research and partnerships with the private sector. As a member of the Board of Public Works, he will work to ensure that these resources are being spent wisely.

  • As a member of the Board of Directors of the College Savings Plans of Maryland, Tim will lead – through new financial incentives and better marketing, public outreach and education - a renewed statewide effort to enroll EVERY Maryland family with children in both the Prepaid College Trust and the College Investment Plan.

  • Recognizing that our current federal and state policies are an outdated relic of a failed, counterproductive war on drugs, Tim has publicly endorsed the legalization of recreational marijuana in Maryland. This will allow the state to generate significant tax revenue that will be reinvested in essential priorities, regulate these products to ensure their safety and integrity, and educate consumers about these products and their risks.

  • Tim will usethe legal and constitutional authority vested in his office to be a leader in Maryland’s fight against climate change.

As the “swing” vote on the Board of Public Works, which approves wetlands permits that are necessary for private development, Ti

m will strongly oppose permit applications that will inflict damage upon ecologically sensitive lands, put the Chesapeake Bay’s critical area at risk and incentivize higher fossil fuel consumption. 

Tim will call for a comprehensive review of the process used by the State of Maryland to evaluate Program Open Space applications, in order to ensure that these limited dollars are truly being invested in the protection of ecologically sensitive lands and those highly vulnerable to development.

Tim is a strong supporter of public transit, both as a lifeline for working Marylanders and as a proven strategy for relieving traffic congestion and reducing Maryland’s carbon footprint. 

As Maryland’s next Comptroller, as a member of the Board of Public Works, and as a voting member of the Capital Debt Affordability Committee, he will strongly advocate for improvements to Maryland’s bus transit network, a renewed commitment to Baltimore’s Red Line, and a long-overdue commitment to light rail extensions to Frederick and Waldorf.

  • As a member of the Board of Public Works, Tim will vote to approve billions in public health care spending during his first term in office alone. Tim will use this authority to ensure that greater investment in preventative health care, and greater access to the full continuum of mental health care services, are core elements of Maryland’s comprehensive public health strategy.

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