Economic Justice

Tim was exposed as a child to the generational poverty and segregation of New Orleans’ Seventh and Lower Ninth Wards.  Through the opportunities that were first provided by a quality education, Tim succeeded in business and has gone on to become one of our country’s most successful and admired Black entrepreneurs.  Tim’s commitment to public service is motivated by his desire to provide every Marylander – regardless of race, ethnicity, region or income - with those same opportunities for success.

As Maryland’s next Comptroller and Chief Fiscal Officer, Tim will protect families from tax fraud, safeguard our most vulnerable Marylanders from financial predators, and use every tool at his disposal to create a level playing field where all children, families and small businesses have a fair chance to succeed.

  • Tim realizes that when tax loopholes allow major corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, an even greater burden falls upon consumers and small businesses that are at the heart of our state’s economy. As Comptroller, he will strongly support and advocate for laws – including but not limited to combined reporting - that close those loopholes and require major corporations doing business in Maryland to pay their fair share of taxes.

  • Tim appreciates the leadership that the Maryland Comptroller’s Office has demonstrated in the fight against unethical tax preparers, which primarily target financially vulnerable taxpayers and low-to-moderate income communities. He will sustain that commitment and invest what is needed to identify, shut down and prosecute these insidious financial predators.

  • Recognizing that tax fraud is a multibillion-dollar criminal enterprise that profits off the financial ruin of innocent people, Tim will devote all of the personnel, legal and technological resources necessary to protect Marylanders, and our hard-earned money, from cybercriminals.

  • As a member of the Board of Public Works, which approves most government contracts in excess of $200,000, Tim will ensure that state agencies and contractors are honoring both the letter and the spirit of Maryland’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) law as a condition for his approval.

  • As the next Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the State Retirement and Pension Systems of Maryland, Tim will ensure that the Board of Trustees redouble its efforts to hire emerging and successful minority fund managers to manage assets.

  • Knowing that tax credits are frequently given to particular economic sectors and constituency groups on the basis of their political connections, and not on the basis of merit, Tim will conduct an independent review of every existing state income tax credit, assess their value to our state’s economic and fiscal well-being, and recommend to the Governor and legislature that they either be preserved or discontinued.

  • Despite living in the richest state in the richest nation on earth, far too many children in Maryland attend public schools that are freezing in the cold months, sweltering in the warm months, and literally crumbling due to age and inadequate maintenance. Far too many of these schools are located in economically disadvantaged, predominantly minority communities. 

A 2018 law, stemming from a political dispute, took oversight of Maryland’s Public School Construction Program away from the Board of Public Works and gave it to an obscure bureaucratic agency that is not accountable to the public.  Tim has publicly called upon Maryland’s legislative leaders to restore that oversight to the Board of Public Works so that all students can have a chance to learn in safe, healthy classrooms. 

Tim has publicly called upon the legislature to restore the Comptroller’s authority to crack down on cigarette smuggling, which hurts small businesses, costs the State of Maryland millions of dollars in lost revenue, and exposes children to harm.

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